Step Ahead Speech Pathology Services provides assessment and therapy services for:

  • late talkers
  • speech sound difficulties (unclear speech)
  • delayed language skills
  • early literacy difficulties
  • difficulty following instructions
  • difficulty answering questions
  • resonance issues related to palatal function and children who have a cleft
    lip and/or palate

Narelle has experience in working with babies, children and adolescents in the areas of speech and language difficulties, early literacy difficulties, Cleft Lip and Palate, resonance and palate problems, feeding and swallowing difficulties and children with middle ear dysfunction and/or a history of ear infections.
Narelle provides a visiting service only, which means that she will come to you and your child. She currently visits children in their homes, at childcare centres, at preschools and at schools. This allows her to liaise with Parents and other adults such as childcare or teaching staff, who can assist the child with their development.
Narelle also liaises with other health professionals including General Practitioners (GP’s), Paediatricians, Audiologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Child Health Nurses as required.
Fees are set based on the child’s age and the concerns which need to be addressed during the appointment. Assessment and therapy appointments are one hour in length which allows time to work with your child as well as discuss any other issues, homework and current goals.

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